Monday, January 28, 2013

Focus on Life ~ Week 4, Create Art

Sally's prompt for the week was "Make Art".

I do 2 things that I consider artistic...I make jewelry and I sing! I do both of them everyday, and while I might consider my daily jewelry making "art," most times the singing is anything but!  I sing in the car with the radio, loudly. I sing with Ben's video game theme music...drives him really crazy!  I sing around the house, whatever comes into mind.  I sing in my head...just mention a song and it will be with me all day!  I sing at church...I am lucky to be a member of a professional choir that sings Solemn Latin Mass weekly.  But this week, I pulled out a few of my old scores from my opera/classical singing days and sat down and ran through a couple of them.  Was it making art?  Probably to no one but myself!

The other art I made, I didn't actually start during the week, but I finally got around to finishing up a few more of my Molten Morsels...I embedded bezels and set some stones.  Not sure if I will sell these as is, or make something from them.

pink coral


faceted garnet

Wow, a whole month done...only 11 more to go!


  1. Sweethearts!!! Love them! Let me know when you have a Sunday off from "Solemn Latin" and join us in some Rockin Worship again.

    1. I would love to...let's make a date!

  2. Wow! These hearts are stunning. I love this technique. And it's nice to know a little bit more about you--that you sing. You must be pretty good at it if you're in the professional choir.

  3. Wow...Latin Mass! Brings back memories! I am impressed! Your hearts are stunning...STUNNING (notice the all caps)! :)

  4. Your Molton Morsels are beautiful works of art!

  5. Love your Molten Morsels.

  6. Melissa, I think your molten morsels are fantastic. They are beautiful little works of art! You should sell them as components, other jewelry artists are going to want these!! You even have a name, "Molten Morsels"!

  7. These are so beautiful!

  8. Melissa, Your work is always so beautiful!!


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