Monday, January 21, 2013

Focus on Life ~ Week 3...Taking Time for Yourself

My favorite coffee mug that I have had for years, and my Kindle Fire.  Of course, I read books, but have also been watching movies/tv shows from Amazon Prime. Recently, like many others, I have been catching up on Downton Abbey, athough one of my guilty pleasures of TV watching is The Vampire Diaries...I know, I know...I love me some Damon!


  1. Welcome back :-) and great post!

  2. I like your new banner! Incorporating your image for your word of the year is powerful (I did the same!). My daughter got the Fire for Christmas. I should 'borrow' it more often! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Looks like you know how to enjoy some me time.

  4. Melissa, what a perfect way to spend some time to yourself! Great photo!

    Your new banner is fantastic!!

  5. Great photo. Nothing more cozy than an evening with Downton Abby. I am still trying to find time to catch up on this year's series.

  6. Love the photo--the colors, the composition. Reading is big on my list, too. And so is watching Downton Abbey. Free Bates!


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