Monday, January 21, 2013

Focus on Life ~ Week 2...Your Word

I am catching up on posts that are past due...I could have skipped them, but I decided to go ahead and put them out there!

The last couple of years, instead of resolutions, I chose 1 word to make a positive change in my life and work. Last year, my word was home, studio, life, thoughts...I can't say I was that successful. I believe it was my lack of focus.  So this year, that is exactly what I chose...focus!

I have so many incomplete projects laying on my work table, better focus will help keep me on track to complete more of what I start.  More importantly, I think proper focus also leads to balance, prioritize, and several other words that have run around in my brain.

2013 is going to be the year for me to focus on what I have to do and maintain that focus until the task is complete, be it new jewelry projects, folding laundry, or spending precious time with friends and family!

My photo came about as I was standing on the deck looking at the gray day today.  I remembered this tree in the autumn had the most glorious leaves of it is bare.  I walked out to it with my camera, and fuzzed my focus up and watched the limbs and twigs blur together.  Of course, when I took the photo, my sense of focus won out and I took a clear shot.  I played a bit with it in PicMonkey, but I think it came out nicely!


  1. Focus is a good and powerful word to choose! I selected that a few years ago. When I put my mind to it, and removed the extraneous, it was quite incredible to see what I could accomplish! I wish you much joy in your journey this year! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Beautiful photo! I have chosen the same word, for partly the same reason. I too have several projects on my bead table, among other things, that I need to focus on! Maybe we should start a Focus group! ;)

  3. Your word is perfect, so long as it words for you. :)
    And, your photo of that skeleton tree is just wonderful.


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