Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring "Pie"...AJE January Component of the Month

Art Jewelry Element's January Component of the Month Blog Hop is today!  Our gorgeous components this month came from Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio.  All us folks over at AJE dubbed these "pie" beads!  They are definitely yummy, and yesterday,  Karen gave us a look at how she actually makes these hollow beads!

When Karen first posted a pic of the beads, several of us tagged the actual one they wanted to work with and I chose the salmon-y pinkish one all the way to the right, fourth row down!

I decided right away that I wanted to make a bracelet, but almost changed my mind at the last minute...of course, I procrastinated, then caught a bug from my boys, so here I am at the last minute again!

I love the color of the glaze on this I said before, it is sort of salmon pink...with just a twinge of peach.  I decided to use Design Seeds and search for a palette to help me out.  I fell in love with a can see the ones I chose on my Pinterest board, but I actually sort of took ideas from all of them, as you can see!

I used some of my enamel components, copper, and Czech glass to pull it together.  I am really happy with my "bouquet" of flowers component.  Copper toggle clasp handmade by me as well!

Go and see the beautiful creations everyone else's the links to our participating blogs:

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Sue Kennedy

February's COM will be created by Francesca Watson!  Stay tuned to see what lovelies she has come up with!!



  1. Oh, I LOVE it! The flower bouquet is perfect and I adore the color scheme too. Great job and glad you're feeling a little better.

  2. That really is a lovely mix of colors!

  3. Love the colors you picked up and the component is adorable.

  4. ::drools:: I love this. LOVE IT!

  5. Oh, look at those buds forming that fantastic flower! This is just gorgeous, and I am loving all of the colors you have used!

  6. It is perfect!!!!!!

  7. Quite lovely~!!!

  8. I really love your creation, the soft muted tones of the pie paired with lots of lovely color, just beautiful!

  9. Its simply delicious. I love the plethora of flowers, your palette is perfect.

  10. That's so lovely Melissa - so fresh, vibrant and zingy - perfect to welcome in spring.

  11. Your mix of colors is what catches my attention the most. It makes me yearn for Springtime. Thank goodness it's not too far away.


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