Friday, August 7, 2015

Finished Farthing in an Oil Slick Bracelet - COM Update

Last week I posted about my Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month for July, but I ran into some complications!  I had to redo my bezel, and just didn't get finished.  Well, I had hope to work on it over the weekend, but that didn't come into fruition, so I picked it back up this week.

All the components...copper bezel, connector rings, farthing clasp by Niky Sayers, and gorgeous lampwork by Sue Kennedy.
Fast forward, I not only ruined the 1st bezel attempt, while trying to solder on the connector rings on this one, totally melted the silver bezel again! Note to self...attach copper connector rings first, since they need much more heat than the fragile fine silver bezel! Duh!

Anyway, I finally got it done and am really pleased with it!  I textured the backplate and ditched the little silver balls...too fussy, I think.

I love Niky's farthing clasp right next to Sue's big flower cab!

You can really see the iridescence of Sue's beads in this light!

I curved the connectors slightly so it would lay on the wrist better!
This beauty is already listed in my shop!  Hey, did you know I was offering 30% off everything in my shop?  We have had a hard summer costs and just blew our rear wheel cylinder on our main vehicle and had to spend money out the wazoo to fix!  Now, school is about to start and those back-to-school supplies are killer!  Use coupon code BRAKES30 at checkout for a limited time. I am going through and listing other inventory that has never seen the light of day, so keep checking back!

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  1. Iridescence resembles to labradorescence (firing of labradorite stone)


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