Thursday, July 30, 2015

AJE Component of the Month Challenge for July - Farthing Edition

Hello all!  Long time, no see!  It is time for the July 2015 installment of Art Jewelry Element's Component of the Month Challenge.  For new readers, or those who need to be reminded, every few months, one of the AJE team members offers one of their handmade components to the rest of the design team, plus does a giveaway to lucky readers who leave a comment!  On the last day of the month, we reveal what we created with said lovely component!

Farthing coin components by Niky Sayers...beads and clasps!
This month, Niky Sayers presented us with amazing components created from English farthing coins!  Mine was cleverly turned into a clasp!  I love it!

The clasp I received from Niky! So sweet!
I decided to use some artisan lampwork beads from the sweet and talented Sue Kennedy of SueBeads.  I love this has a sheen that reminds me of an oil slick!

Gorgeous beads by Sue Kennedy!
My intent was to bezel-set the cab and create a bracelet using Niky's sweet clasp.  I thought, "I got this", then proceeded to procrastinate, then get bogged down with the silly, simple soldered bezel, then my brakes went out on my car last night after work, then......well, you know the rest.

This is how far I got!
The rings will be soldered to the back for connectors, the little balls are meant for bezel embellishment, and the lopsided dapped copper circles will be bead caps (maybe).  That is as far as I got! I intend to complete it this weekend, so stay tuned!

Here are the other participants. Go see the pretties!!!

Guest bloggers
Rebecca Anderson


  1. It's looking gorgeous already, can't wait to see it finished!

  2. I love it so far! The pieces look great together, I love Sues cabs and this really looks like it is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see what it looks like finished! Thanks you for joining in Melissa.

  3. It's going to be a stunner Melissa! The oil slick glass, with the copper and silver bits! So gorgeous...

  4. Can't wait to see the finished piece!


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