Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 AJE Component of the Month

May's component of the month features Sue Kennedy of SueBeads.  She is one of all time favorite lampwork artists and I have many of her lovely beads, but this month she went in a different direction and offered us her gorgeous beaded beads!

A gorgeous pile of beaded beads!

The ones I got!  Love those colors :)
I was going to not do earrings just because she sent a pair, but I had technical difficulties while working on the necklace design I had in mind, so at the last minute, I said why fight it!

I paired these beauties with another pair of beauties by Sue...her flower stamped beads!  I love these beads and I have gotten several colors in the round and her chicklet style.

I added some golden yellow Czech glass lentil and flowers to bring out those colors in the beaded beads.

This shows how the little lentil beads will hang when worn.

Another view in outside light!
These are long, not quite shoulder sweepers, but they definitely make a statement and I think would be perfect for summer!  I will put them in my shop later today!

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you go visit the rest of this month's design team!


AJE Team


  1. I love the earrings and love how you paired them with the lampwork! So pretty!

  2. Those are super fun and I love how you paired her lampwork with the beaded beads!

  3. Really cool earrings. I can really see them swing at a beach party! Thanks for posting.

  4. Super cute Melissa - love the fresh palette.

  5. Love these cute earrings.

  6. The lentil drop is great! Ok the whole design is... but I love lentils as a shape and rarely use them... Sue Beads, meet SueBeads! The colors are stunning.

  7. They're really pretty, I love all the little details!

  8. You make me miss wearing earrings!


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