Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Hares...The AJE Themed Challenge!

Welcome to the 1st ever Art Jewelry Elements Themed Challenge!  We decided to take a little break from our monthly component challenge and add a quarterly theme that wouldn't necessarily entail using a specific component in a piece of jewelry or other handmade item, but actually encourage and inspire the creation of art based on that theme.  This first challenge was chosen by our talented team mate, Jenny Davies-Reazor...the March hare!  She wrote a great post, here, sharing her inspiration behind her choice!

I wasn't sure how I would participate in this one...I could always purchase one of the gorgeous pieces my team mates created, and make a piece of jewelry.  I decided, though, that I would create some art components myself to add to my Melismatic Morsel repertoire.  I decided to go with mixed-media, resin-filled components.

I found some sweet little digital "inchies" of bunnies and hares on Etsy...check out the shop here!  I set out to create some bezels to add the images and resin to.  

I started with copper sheet, and decided to cut flower shapes, but they are also very cloud-like!  I flooded the copper with lead-free plumber's solder, similar to my molten morsels, then embedded bezels I formed from copper bezel wire.  After layering the images, I filled them in with ICE resin.  These need another layer of resin so they dome a bit better, but I am a bit behind.  I left connector holes off, so they can be punched or drilled where ever you wish!

I thought this was it, but a few days ago, I got a wild hare (sorry!) and thought I would try a couple with polymer clay...I love Jenny's  cool mixed-media pieces with resin and polymer and asked her if I could try, and she said "go for it"!

I did about 4 of them, but these are the 2 that I felt really worked.  They still need a bit of clean-up and maybe some more color.  The hare images are just sitting in these.  Will add the resin later.

Go and see all the other hares and bunnies jumping around the internets!  Thanks, Jenny, for the inspiration!

AJE Team

Karin Grosset Grange - Ginko et Coquelicot
Michelle McEnroe ( 4 pieces pinned on  the AJE Pinterest page)


  1. They're fantastic! I love all the bunnies :)

  2. These are gorgeous Melissa - lovely vintage vibe and I love the frame on the last polymer piece.

  3. Beautiful pendants, I love the combination of rough and smooth and romantic.

  4. Beautiful components. I'm not sure of the size, but I could see a bezel bracelet formed with some of them as links. The shapes and textures of the bezels are wonderful. And they have a romantic vintage vibe about them.

  5. Beautiful with a vintage feel...I love the polymer bezels! :)

  6. Sweet components with a vintage touch. Love them!

  7. Love them. The flooded solder ones and the polymer! They DO have a vintage charm and the rabbits are sweet images. (I am teaching that class at BeadFest NEXT week if anyone is interested)

  8. These are really lovely, I love how you have left out the connector holes adds so many more design possibilities!

  9. I love every single one! Such a great design ♥

  10. Wow, I think they ALL worked! So pretty!

  11. Really pretty pieces, I have such a soft spot for bunnies, these will make super cute jewellery.

  12. I love these bunnies! No matter that it has happened often, each time I'm outdoors and see a bunny hopping along, I am charmed as I am by your creations!


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