Friday, November 5, 2010


Thanks to those of you who sent me bolstering words after reading my post yesterday. I am trying to focus on all the good in my life today, and the days to come (and there is much!) rather than fretting about things I have no control over at this point.  I struggled with this post for some reason and in typical stubborn Melissa style, I procrastinated.  Eventually, it dawned on me that this post had to be some sort of a internal celebration of  my creative journey over the past year. 

Last November, I made a decision to move my blog from typepad and came back to blogspot...  Thanks for finding me here!  Early on, I worried about not having any followers, but you started to trickle in and as of today there are 74 of you!

In January, I participated in my 1st Bead Soup Party, hosted by Lori Anderson. This past May, I participated in my 2nd one - these swap opportunities really opened my mind to different designing possibilities

In March, I learned torch-fired enameling from Barbara Lewis...and met a few new friends...Christine, Lori, Cindy, Jeanette, Sue...and of course Barbara!  I believe if I had to choose one thing that I did this year that changed my art, this class would be it.

Then, in September, I went to ArtBliss where I had an opportunity to taked classes with Melissa Manley and Deryn Mentock (need to take pictures of my Musical Note earrings!)

and I met some more wonderful people...Shelby, Carol, Leslie, Laura to name a few, and learned some more things that would totally change my creative thought a good way! 

I have had 2 pieces featured on ArtBeadScene's Monthly Challenge...

And just last month, won a contest over at Jelveh Designs for a piece I created with one of her beads...which has now winged it's way to a new home with a very special person :)

There are more things that I could mention if I were writing a book, but it's just a blogpost!  I trust that the coming year will bring with it more celebrations of new learning opportunities and creative possibilities...I would love to celebrate being published in some way, and would love to meet more of you. 

Thanks for coming along on my creative journey and  I hope you are celebrating something everyday!


  1. I'm really looking forward what you showing us in the year to come!

  2. I celebrate you and all other blog friends who help me thru each day, with friendship and wonderful inspiration.

  3. Hooray for you!! It is good to look back on what we've accomplished, and the great experiences we've had. I continue to be inspired and amazed by your work--enamel fits in so perfectly with your style. I look forward to seeing what else comes from your work bench!

  4. It's grand to celebrate about what you've learned and accomplished during the year. Your work is fabulous! Go for the publication! Three Cheers for Melissa!!!

  5. Hey Melissa, I missed your post from the other day..had to read it before I read the most recent:) You did have an amazing year. I think your jewelry designs have been amazing and I agree, I think Barbara's enameling class really did make a creative impact with many of your jewelry designs. And, I don't know, but I can always pick your enamel jewelry pieces out from among a group, so you must have a signature design style. Your wirework is superb, you have done such beautiful work. I know for certain 2011 will even be better for you.

  6. I just found your blog and you do gorgeous work. I am now following you and can hardly wait to see what you post in the future.

  7. Melissa it was great to meet you too! Artbliss was so much fun! I just took Barbara's enameling class 2 weeks ago. Can't wait to get started! Hope to see you in some classes in 2011 will you be going to Art and Soul Hampton?

  8. Go Melissa! Love your pieces...

  9. That must have been fun! I just love your sun piece! I hope you are feeling better today. ((((hugs)))

  10. What a wonderful list of things to celebrate! Thanks for sharing Melissa.

  11. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful creative milestones to celebrate! It has indeed been a good year.
    Enjoy the day!

  12. It sounds like you've had a wonderful and creative year!

  13. OH MY!!! That pendant woven with the enamel headpins is a stunner! Gorgeous!


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