Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome to my new blog home!

Make yourself comfy!
I am feeling positive about my venue far so good :)

As I indicate in earlier posts, my 1st of 3 shows over the next 2 weeks is Sunday, so have been cranking out some new items. This one is a church bazaar at the Catholic church where I sing, so I anticipate some rosary/spiritual jewelry sales, so have been focusing on that this week.

With the economy, I also wanted to make sure to include some simpler, less expensive items, so have been working with that in mind. Here are 4 of a series of necklaces I have been creating out of beautiful, affordable copper. All have cute toggle clasps in the front, but each has a different type of focal.

Carved coral with brecciated jasper
Amulet agate (at least, that's what the vendor called it) with Czech glass
Imperial jasper
Silver Leaf jasper
More to come!

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