Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to Basics...Custom Order

Wow, this is the first "strung" project I have done in ages, and I must say, it kicked my bee-hind! I forgot how hard it is to get multiple strands even, get the crimps on securely, and the beading wire tucked in nicely.

It was worth the extra work, though...this was a custom order for "Miss Carolyn"! She is the wife of the cantor at the church where I sing, and if it weren't for her, I would not have been able to have my paid church gig. She has provided me with free child care during rehearsals and Mass ever since Ben was a baby! He has grown up with her and we love her! She wanted a special Mothers bracelet for her daughter, and this is what I came up with.

I gave it to her on Sunday, but took a quick photo before hand...I think it turned out pretty.

My next show is this coming Sunday, so I have to get back to the work bench!


  1. Thanks, I've update the rss feed. God bless you in your new blog home.

  2. What a beautiful bracelet..and labor of love. I have made a few mother's bracelets and they're not easy to line up just right! I know the recipient will love it!!! And I see my son's name happens to be one of the names on this one. :-)
    Best wishes here on your new blog spot. I use Wordpress and sometimes wish I used Blogger.

  3. Happy new bloggy home...I went the other way...I tried Wordpress and Blogspot, but had to go back to Typepad...gotta sell jewelry to pay for it, though! I lost a lot of my readers over the last year, but I am happy at last! I love your look here...I think my issue with Blogspot was the templates..I did not want to pay to get a great template, but it would have been cheaper on hindsight had I done just that! Lovely jewelry, as always!


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