Thursday, November 11, 2010

Partners with Fire!

I am a member of Barbara Lewis' Painting with Fire Ning group...a great site for all things enamel!  Barbara, with the help of the fabulous Lori Anderson, organized an enameled bead swap. After sign-up, partners were chosen randomly...I sent beads to Sharon Palac, and am anxiously waiting to see what she created!

The beads I received came from Teresa Matheson...(check out her gorgeous work on Etsy!) she sent me so many gorgeous beads, I couldn't use them all for this challenge!  I have plans for the rest, though!

Here is what I created...the photos are not quite there...I confess I didn't finish this until late last night, and the light was not sufficient.

Enameled beads by Teresa Matheson, copper and carnelian
 Theresa asked me for a color palette and I requested blues/greens, but there were some really cool shades of red here and there, and in going through my bead box to add stuff, the carnelian really caught my eye.  I fell in love with the gorgeous rondells she created...they remind me of M&Ms :)

Remember this fibula?  The enameled bead is also from Theresa...I  decided to swirl the wire around these cool long shapes.

Here are some of what I didn't get around to using!  I'm loving those curved ovals...they fit perfectly on the top of your wrist, so those will turn into a couple of simple bracelets, I believe, and those chunky green cubes?  Well, I have some more ideas swirling around ;)

Go over to the ning site and take a look at all the other gorgeous pieces.  There are all levels and types of enameling happening there...something for everyone!  Enjoy :)


  1. Wow - Melissa. Pure eye-candy!

  2. Melissa I love what you created! The long beads are so pretty, love the swirls of color thoughout, reminds me of marbled paper. I wished I could have signed up for this challenge but had not had my class with Barbara or Melissa Manley yet. maybe the next go 'round!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the clusters!

  4. You have such an eye for creating things! I would love to see this on. Yes, those curved oval discs are wonderful.

  5. The necklace is fabulous! and the fibula. And all the goodies left over! I saw the beads you sent to Sharon...lovely!

  6. Pretty necklace, but the fibula is my fave! Wire and bead...cooooool. :-)

  7. teresa matheson3:51 PM

    Thanks so much for the nice comments, Melissa! I hope you had fun with your beads. You've done a great job with them!

  8. OMG Melissa! That is one gorgeous necklace!! What stone is the red brio you have used as the focal?

  9. Everything is gorgeous! I especially like that fibula :)


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