Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 2014 Holiday Ornament Swap/Hop...

organized  & hosted by the sweet, lovely, and very talented Sally Russick is underway!

This year I was paired with Linda Hanes.  She sent a sweet, repurposed spoon filled with a vintage-like stamp and sparklies, encased in resin.  Embellished with fun sari silk and a ceramic bead by Elaine Ray and crystal!  It looks great on my little table top tree!

Here is what I sent to Linda...a quick photo in the car before dropping it in the mail.  I took up crocheting again!

So, take some time from your chaotic holiday schedule today to sit down with a cuppa' and peruse the lovely ornaments my artist friends created and shared!  Here's the list of other participants...



  1. Melissa, both wonderful ornaments! Linda's to you is so cute, and yours to Linda as well! I didn't know you crocheted! Merry Christmas!

  2. Colorful crochet! That was fun - with enabled morsels too I see! I like the repurposed spoon - I find they are great for resin - Linda made an adorable ornament! Happy Holidays!

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Wow the ornament you received from Linda is awesome I love it what a cool idea to use the bowl of a spoon to put trinkets in and cover with resin. I love the crochet covered ornament you sent to Linda, you bot are so creative.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

  4. What an awesome look she achieved with that spoon! I love it!

    Your crochet ornament is so beautiful! And your enameled work makes it even more special! I have been crocheting a Christmas afghan, going on 3 years now! LOL! As much as I work with wire, I am amazed at how tired my fingers can become!

    You both did wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  5. I tried resin once.. it went everywhere... I think a spoon would work well (it obviously did!) love the bright colours in your crocheted ornament and the litttle enameled flower on top!

  6. What fun both ornaments are! I'm always impressed with people who can repurpose silverware into art objects, and your crocheted ornament is so cheerful. I love your selection of colors. It reminds me of a crazy quilt.

  7. Wow! Both ornaments are really incredible! I love the bright colors you both used!

  8. Oh wow, that is a crocheted ornament? Amazing! I am just in awe. Lynn's ornament is so cool as well. I love the ribbon and the dangle.

  9. Hi Melissa, The spoon ornament from Linda is very creative and unique. It looks great on your tree. The crocheted ornament you made her is so festive and colorful. Great job.
    P.S. I am looking forward to working with your components in the January AJE challenge.

  10. What a clever idea to use a spoon in that way! A little vintage shadow box effect. So sweet! I love your crocheted ornament. There is no way not to be happy when you see those fun sassy colors. I would leave it out all year long with a smile! Enjoy the day and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Erin

  11. Oh I love the vintage ephemera that i'm seeing in this swap, the spoon ornament that Linda sent you is wonderful! And Melissa! I had know idea that you crocheted!! The fun color palette of the ornament is fantastic!! Thank you so much for participating and I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  12. I love the idea of using the spoon as an ornament with the pieces in resin - awesome idea!
    Wow - love your crocheted ornament - the colors are so fun!

  13. Oh, that spoon ornament is so cool. I bet it does look great on your tree. And your crocheted creation. . .LOVE! The bright colors make it so fun and joyous! I bet it will be quite adored. I hope your holidays have been great!


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