Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yay...Kate finally received her Bead Soup Ingredients....

and at last, I can unveil them here!

Not being an art bead creator, but with a bit of new technical experience under my belt, I set off to show off a some of that in my collection.

I chose a big smooth teardrop shaped porcelain jasper in varigated swirls of mauve, lavender, cream and gray.  I then decided on some freshwater stick pearls I have been hoarding, then low and behold, 1 of my newly enameled filigree beads matched perfectly!  The copper clasp with a hammered washer was always in my head, but I couldn't decide if I was going to do a bar/toggle, or a hook and eye, so I formed a big swan out of 16g wire, hammered it up and wrapped on a tiny copper bead.  Almost done, but in my mind's eye, the colors were bland...something needed to be pumped up...frantically looking around, I found these pretty red jasper rounds in chunky 10mm.  Not your everyday color combination, but something about it works.  Hopefully, Kate feels the same way and can create a fabulous party piece!  Go on over and follow along as she blogs about her creation process and make sure to check in at Party Central to see all the innovative, gorgeous creations that rise with the steam from all the Bead Soup on reveal day...June 19!

I'd better get to work!


  1. What a gorgeous mix of beads and classic colors that you sent out, Melissa!
    I hope your husband had a great b-day over the weekend...your birthday tribute in pictures was really sweet!

  2. What a great soup. Love the clasp!!! regards Stefanie


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