Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stare deeply into my eyes!!!

Carnelian disks wrapped with Sterling

I promised more ring pics...Let me preface by saying, I don't normally list these rings for sale on my site or Etsy.  They are fun, usually experimental and very simple creations that I tend to crank out a few days or so before an arts market or show.  These kept staring at me, literally, and I thought I would shoot them at least for blogging purposes!

fluorite flowers and sterling...I have a strand in many variations of these shades.

labradorite coin, Czech glass, blue quartz

Carved amazonite flower (one of my favs), oops, same coral ring as yesterday, and a sweet muskovite square.

Oh, the ones from yesterday were the coral (above), a pretty grayish, white striated agate coin, and a really pretty lapis with nice touch of pyrite matrix!

I will make them to order for anyone interested...since I tend to be handicapped when it comes to predicting what sizes I need for shows. I have actually made them while a customer waited, but I don't really like to, as I can't oxidize and tumble them...fun!  These are all $20 each, except the carnelian swirly ones which with all the wire go up to a whopping $25  :)

Edited to add...I have been narrating this to myself as I type in a distinct British accent...quite sexy, I might add :)


  1. I just started making rings, too, and I feel like I am all thumbs trying to wrap those things! Yours are so nice! I especially love the carnelian ones. :)

  2. These are beautiful!! I tried to make a ring once... didn't work out... You really seem to have the knack; I like how you've varied the styles a bit. Nice work, and definitely sell-able!


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