Monday, April 19, 2010

April Arts Market Count Down...

I'll be back at the Frederick Arts Market on Sunday, April 25 from 1-5...stop by if you are in the area!  I really wanted to get some of my new work finished for this one, so I will be working hard this week (procrastinator, remember?) cranking out some new pretties between now and then.  I have to stop experimenting and practicing and get down to business!

Here are a few recent creations. I bought several pairs of Swarovski briolettes in various colors and have been making earrings using fused and hammered/stamped fine silver rings or copper washers. All have hand-wrought sterling earwires.  The tanzanite ones and the copper ones are my favs :)

I made a pact with my self that I would post new pieces every day this week in order to keep my momentum for the show...Day 1 done!

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  1. I hope you sell out! Knock 'em dead!


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