Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink and Orange...

Pink dogwood just below my deck....I love my childhood home in Alabama, the white variety grows all through the woods.  I need to plant a white dogwood.

Orange birdies...mixed metals (copper, sterling silver, and some sort of alloy), hand-wrought earwires, and carved mother of pearl birds.  I upcycled the birds from an ancient pair of earrings I  had never worn.

Hope to do lots of gardening this weekend if the weather holds up...everything needs mulch.  Would also like to get some jewelry pieces finished...if I can tear myself away from a time waster I have re-discovered.

Let's go back to 2002-ish, my jewelry making was mostly stringing and I discovered lampworked beads.  I took a class. I loved it, bought a beginner's sample pack of glass and tools, and was about to scrape up the money to buy a torch and kiln when it dawned on me that it might not be the right son was only about a year old then, there was really no space in the house for it, plus our finances were not that happening.  Packed the glass and tools up in a box. 

Fast forward to 2010...just got a torch for enameling fun, and I love it...I have some pieces that I am trying to finish up to show you.  But, wait!  Don't I have a sample pack of glass put away somewhere? and a marver? and bead release? Yes!  Think this glass will melt in this little torch?  Yes!  Think I could make an actual bead? Yes!  Hmm, no kiln...wait!  I have heated vermiculite for enameling!  Yes, I know they need to be annealed, but I am just practicing :)   Big we go again!

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  1. Go for it! Lampworking will probably come very naturally to you!


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