Friday, May 9, 2008

Pottery Pitchers of Kool-aid or Iris...

My mama's yard had old-fashioned, bearded iris in every nook and corner in the spring, in just about every color imaginable.  My favorites were always the bi-color ones, but purple ones are dear to my heart as well.  Mama always had purple and yellow in the same beds, so whenever I see purple and yellow iris, I get a twinge.  They also make me think of grape Kool-aid combined with frozen lemonade, mixed up and served in this huge blue pottery pitcher she had.  We drank it in the summers growing up, and when my Daddy plowed, or did other work in the garden, we would take quart jars of it out to him to drink.  Sometimes, she would take a huge bouquet of them to church on Sunday in that very pitcher!  I wish I had a picture of it, but when us kids divided stuff up, one of my sisters got it.

These are from my yard...I got them from Brecks a couple of years ago.  I have some heirloom ones that I dug up from mama's yard, but they haven't opened up yet.  I think I have borers on some, which voraciously eat and destroy iris, so I will be working to get rid of them!

purple iris


peach & purple

almost black

These phlox and "pinks" remind me of my mama and granny too!

phlox & pinks

Hope you have a grape-lemonade kind of day!

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