Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spring Flower~Hammered Sterling and Pink Sapphire Pendant

This is my Week 19 submittal.  I have been doodling flowers for weeks and have been envisioning something simple of hammered wire, so over the weekend came up this this prototype.  I added the pink sapphire to the center for a splash of color, but am not necessarily happy with the wrapping on it.  I was aiming to hug the stone sort of similar to wrapped rings that everyone makes, but there was no good place to end the wraps.  I did wear it to work today on a simple 16-snake chain and got a couple compliments, so I guess all is not lost!  Looks like it will be mine, and I will continue my doodling!

spring flower

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  1. You should have entered this in the Spring challenge at J.A.N. It's perfect!


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