Friday, January 30, 2015

January AJE Component of the Month Free-for-all!

or "Use your Stash"  as this month's host, Jenny Davies-Reazor coined!  It was decided that after the chaos and hubbub of the holidays was over, rather than have one person create a COM to share, we would dig around in our stash and find treasure that has been hoarded away and create something from it.

In my totally characteristic way, nothing I created is completely finished!  I have started some very cool things however, and have ideas for others.

This necklace features a gorgeous focal heart by Sue Kennedy...I have to say, this wasn't from a hoarded stash, I just got it from her after coveting it for a while!  The matching bead in the flower was, though, as well as the purple flower bead by Karen Totten.  This obviously needs a clasp, patina and possibly other tweaking!

Here is a really cool ceramic focal by Jenny Davies-Reazor.  I dangled it beneath an old key I had  and used some wire-wrapped jasper as a chain.  That's my copper  metal clay hanging on the bottom.  Needs a clasp, patina and something else wrapped on the key, I think!

Tiny fold-formed copper leaves, embellished with sweet heart headpins by Jennifer Cameron!  Perfect for the season and surprsingly, complete!

Fun ceramic charms by Linda Landig are embellished with enamel cups by me and some Czech glass.  I need to patina the shiny sterling!

So, those were the pieces even close to being finished.  I have so many more things I wanted to create with components from my AJE team, but there just wasn't enough time.  I am going to give you a peek at what is up next on my plate, though...

These are gorgeous pieces by Diana Ptaszynski that are somehow going to turn into a fabulous necklace!

These colorful Czech glass beads are going to be added to different lengths of chain and bundled together to dangle beneath Lesley Watt's sweet bronze flower cap!

Sweet woodsy owl here by Karen Totten is going to be a necklace, perhaps with a copper armature surrounding him!

It has been really fun and inspiring to use these "hoarded" treasures!  Here is a list of others that participated in the challenge. Make sure to stop by their blogs and say hi.

AJE team: 

Guest Participants ( aka winners)
Samantha- Wescott Jewelry
Nikki - Silver Nik nats
Yvette - Blue Kiln Beads

Bonus participants! 


  1. The first necklace is stunning, and I love the clever way you've used the key in the JDR design!

  2. Even unfinished your designs are wonderful. The key bail is my favorite.

  3. Love it all Melissa! I love your use of color, and I'm excited to see the heart necklace finished...the wing shape of the wire above the bead is great!

  4. Lovely! My favourite is the blue charm earrings :D I joined in too Christine

  5. Beautiful - whether in progress, complete or still in the planning stages.

  6. It's all so beautiful and I love to see the work in progress.

  7. That first necklace is beautiful, I love the wirework butterfly and I would definitely wear all of the earrings - not at the same time obviously!

  8. All so beautiful! I just love the key necklace and can't wait to see it finished.

  9. Wow Melissa, that first necklace is so creative and absolutely gorgeous! But everything you made is wonderful!!!

  10. I love the butterfly wirework around the heart. That is so completely original! I also love the earrings you made with my ceramic charms. Your enamel cups are very cool! Great work all around.

  11. Ooh I love it all! The key looks cool with the key! Both earrings are yummy, but the enamel cups sing! My favorite? those butterfly wings in the Sue/Karen piece!

  12. The first one is really fun! I adore the color and the wire wings. Fabulous job using those heart headpins. They are perfect for February :-) The key with a key design is really clever. I never would have considered doing that, but I love it. I can hardly wait to see all the finished pieces

  13. Lovely work Melissa - that key piece is especially great. Can't wait to see what you do with the other items.


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