Friday, May 23, 2008

YOJ Week 20 - Tangerine Swirls

I've had these about half-finished for a while, but ran out of gold-filled wire, so had to put them on the back burner...had some time to think about them.

 tangerine swirls

I've been practicing my wire weaving which has gotten decidedly better, however, my symmetry has not!  Getting the 2 earrings to be equals is quite the challenge!

The faceted orange carnelian is very sunny and I have to admit they make me happy!  Carnelian - especially the very orange variety, such as this, has always been a favorite.  The look tangy...almost like they would taste like a tangerine Life-Saver!

I attempted earwires...Note to self - buy hard wire!  These work, but they took a lot of hammering!

If I don't pop in over the long weekend...hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!


  1. I love these earrings! The carnelian is gorgeous, and you made it even better! I love to read your blog, and I finally remembered to add a link to you on my blog. Age takes away your memory!
    You've been doing terrific work! Keep it up~

  2. I told you age takes your memory! I meant to tell you that 20g half-hard wire is really good for earwires.

  3. those are really wonderful...very cool!!!!!


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