Monday, April 30, 2012

Flowers n' stuff...

...a few new blooms that I love!  My irises were a bit iffy this year, since last fall I had a big iris borer problem so I had to dig up rhizomes, cut off infected parts and replant.  I'm scared some of my special hybrid colors are not coming back, but you can't go wrong with old fashioned purples!  The big solid purple ones are heirlooms from my Momma's backyard....I can't look at them without thinking of her :)  The pink clematis is also a favorite!

This shot is from Ben's first Boy Scout meeting...they had their own bridge ceremony.  I like his face in this photo...he looks like he is has a secret!

These are patterned copper (thanks Keirsten, for tips!), embellished with stacked dapped and enameled disks...totally an experiment, and all mine, since they are not weighted right and therefore hang askew, plus the errant blob of white enamel.  I like the idea, though, so will be playing around with more!

Just a few rambling thoughts for Monday...I have loads of things to do around the house and garden, plus a couple of deadlines for custom work and Sally Russick's One Crayon Color Challenge...color me green, and it is my day on Thursday for Earrings Everyday, so check back in!

What about you?  What is on your agenda for the week?


  1. Beautiful flowers! Our garden has been virtually non-existant since mom passed away, but I'm feeling the itch with each blog that posts photos of their own gardens.

    Love the photo of your boy. Yes, he does look like he's got a secret, but also that he is trying to share it with you telepathically.

    Your earrings are wonderful! How I would love to learn these techniques!

    Like you, I'm needing to work on my entry for Sally's one color challenge--green for me too. And I signed up for a button swap for which the reveal date is comming up soon. But laundry, supper, and several erands are also on the must do list today.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Eeek...there is always to much to do...I'm taking it one step at a time and trying to enjoy it all.
    I think Ben looks like a cutie patootie in the photo and the flowers are sooooo stunning!!Plus I love your experiment earrings!!My experiments turn out muddy...heehee..thats ok right,its all about the journey.
    Big Hugs,Cat


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