Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Thoughts...

  • seriously considering offering my handrafted components (embedded solder, various enameled pieces, etc) for I silly?
  • was excited to see my Monet's Flowers earring project included in Interweave's new 10 Fabulous Wire Earrings ebook!

  • I think I am coming down with a cold :(
  • I thought there was an Arts Market tomorrow that I was stressing over, but turns out there isn't! Now my Saturday is free! I need to go to Artomatic before it is too late.
  • Maybe I can start my big studio swap that my hubby agreed to - it will entail a massive clean-up on my part in order to organize.
  • One of the jack-o-lanterns B and I carved for Halloween! 

  • I have had this African violet on my desk at my office for a very long time and it finally office moved and I now have a fluorescent light under my shelf! 

  • I have got to stop eating leftover Halloween candy...even though I confessed to Jen V. that I specifically bought Butterfingers for giving out, but hid them for later :)
  • I normally go to Weight Watcher's at noon on Friday's, but think I will blow it off today...see above.
  • I think I will make this type of post a Friday regular - I mean, I am so interesting, you will probably be waiting with bated breath to read what I am thinking, right?
  • I hate the stupid cheap disc cutter I bought, so I took advantage of Thunderbird's sale recently and just got a whole bunch of lovely copper discs!
  • I need a hair cut.
  • Not really a football person, but I am a 'Bama girl, so....Roll, Tide, Roll!
  • Happy Friday!


  1. Congratulations on being featured in the earring ebook!

    And about those Butterfingers--I did the same thing so don't feel too bad. In fact I had two of the snack size just after breakfast.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beads, Butterfingers, and Bama? Sounds like heaven on earth -- Roll Tide!

  3. To one Bama Girl to another your random thoughts are alright and I would come back to read more. Congratulations on your earrings being published and Butterfingers oh yeah I would have hid them for myself also.
    Roll Tide!

  4. I love your random thoughts, and would totally come back and read. I'd be thrilled to buy your components, since I got my earrings today, and the picture so doesn't do them justice! Now I have to go find an outfit for Sunday that will go with them, cause I'm not taking them off! Reeses cups are my personal fave, but I wouldn't turn down a butterfinger either!

  5. What a great post! Love it! A day in the life of Melissa Meman in bullet points! Never go to a Weight Watchers meeting after eating Butterfingers! That's the Prime Directive! Have a great weekend!

  6. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I love your random thoughts!! I don't think you are silly, you should offer your handcrafted components for sale! I bought Halloween candy and hid the crunch crisp bars at the bottom of the bowl! Ha! and I think my husband and I are in a race to see who can eat more Halloween candy.... I'm winning!

    Congratulations on being featured in the earring ebook!! Yippee!!!

  7. Okay, my husband is die hard Bama since i met him 35 years ago...from Pa.???? go figure. I leave the house tonight when he watches the game!
    Congrat's on the feature in the mag, that is great! Your earrings are always awesome!
    You are not the only one eating candy, we are just not telling!
    Yes, offer your components for sale, they are awesome!
    Have a happy weekend and I hope you are not getting sick!

  8. Congratulations on being featured in the earring ebook!

  9. I was so happy to see your name listed in the email promo that came to my inbox for the new book! Good for you! I think selling components is brilliant actually. I have been leaning that way these past few months myself. Going to get back into clay too. You know I love you and would come back for your random thoughts anytime!

  10. Melissa, I enjoyed catching up with you via your Random Thoughts. I love Butterfingers too, btw.
    I looked for you at mass today - we actually went at Noon for once! Are you still singing at St. John's?


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