Thursday, October 27, 2011

Butterflies and Dragonflies...

Hi folks!  It is a coldish, rainy day here in Maryland.  There is talk of snow this weekend...can you believe that?  Time will tell!
I thought I would share photos of some earrings I have finished up recently...most of the components have been shown in past Bead Table Wednesday posts, but I neglected to show off the finished products.

These are my favs - embedded brass sunflowers into solder with faceted golden stones.

More embedded brass into solder with Swarovski drops.

Enameled butterflies with faceted ametrine.

Embedded brass dragonflies in solder and Czech glass flowers.

Etched brass, faceted Canadian jade and Czech glass.

Brass flowers embedded into solder with pretty green stone drops.

I bought this strand of multi-colored faceted stones that included the golden yellow ones and the blue-green coins above...there are other varying shades of green and some that are lighter blue...they are mostly transparent with some veining running through...they could be glass, or some sort of quartz. If anyone knows what they are, I would love to know.  The place I bought them didn't have them labeled, but they were a reasonable price and I loved the colors!
Am trying to get my inventory up for my next Arts Market on November 5...stay tuned for that!

On the home front, have been getting ready for Halloween!  B chose a skeleton/zombie sort of costume from Tarjay the other day...I think this will be the last year we buy a costume!  We took a jaunt out to the pumpkin patch and chose a few, but were pretty dissapointed in the selection.  It has been so rainy here over the last few months, that the pumpkins didn't have enough sunshine to actually turn orange, so many in the field were still partially green.  We will probably carve them on! 

Thanks for all the wonderful comments during Barbara's Virtual BookTour!  I loved making that bracelet and it was such an honor to be included!  Virtual hugs to you all!


  1. These are all so great! I think my favorite are the purple butterfly earrings ... beautiful ... and I love the stones!

  2. All your earrings are great. I love the first pair!

  3. I love how you're putting those little seed beads on your earwires--I love that technique and it really turns the earwires into a special element all their own! And that etched brass is a delicious color--so rich!!

  4. All gorgeous Melissa! I agree, I love the little bead on your earwires! They really make the earrings pop!

  5. Your earrings are all so pretty, but I love the sunflowers! I agree, the bead on the earwires is a great statement!

  6. Great creations! I like them very much.I'm happy to follow you .Greatings from Italy. Natasha

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