Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am slowly but surely finishing pieces that have been started for forever.  This past weekend I finally completed this little set which was some of the first soft-soldered bezels with resin I attempted.  I loved how the bezels turned out, but the resin, not so much.  I attached the music paper with Mod Podge and didn't wait until it was completely dry to fill the bezels with resin.  The earrings worked out okay, but the pendant is a bit cloudy and has lots of bubbles, even though I worked hard to get rid of them.

All that aside, I like them!  I decided to stay with the mixed metal look of silver and bronze,  but wanted to add some color.  I think the garnet adds a lushness to the antique quality of the music paper and when trying to think of a name, "baroque" was the 1st thing that popped in my head.  I wire wrapped the tiny faceted garnets in the necklace with bronze wire, along with 1 inch lengths of sterling silver chain and added a bronze swirly hook clasp.

In a moment of weakness, my hubby has agreed to swap his "man cave/library/catch-all" room (that he really never uses) for the little nook I have been using for jewelry and other arts!  It will entail finding a spot to put everything as we empty it from one room into the other, but I am so excited!  I have yet to have 1 centralized place to work.  I will still keep my enameling and soldering in the basement, but, Yay!  Maybe I will even have room to set up my sewing machine...not that I really sew, but it would be fun to try again.  I will keep you posted!

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  1. Yea for a space to call your own! And those earrings are delightful. I am pining to break out the torch and make some more bezels with all the supplies I brought home from Miss Stephanie Lee. I have yet to do that. I would love to though!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Yes, seize that moment of weakness! Consolidated space is a wonderful thing. Your music pieces are pretty wonderful as well. I think maybe you are too hard on yourself. I see nothing but beauty in all of these.

  3. They look beautiful to me too! I love the mixed metals ad the garnets really make them pop! I can't wait to see pix of your new creative space! Have fun setting up

  4. Your pieces are just beautiful..imperfections are what make it so unique and give character.
    A space for yourself is a must, enjoy it!

  5. that is absolutely STUNNING! "Baroque" is very apt--I love how it also feels very old and a little rustic. Countryside baroque? Your cloudy resin on the pendant actually makes it look like a real antique! I actually just thought it was a very old music score under there. I can't see any bubbles, but reading that makes me think of those really old window panes some houses have managed to hang onto. The old wavy glass has flaws in it, including little bubbles, which I just LOVE. You're right, the garnets are perfect with it.

  6. Melissa, your new soldered/resin pieces are really incredible. I can truly appreciate all of the work and time that went in to creating each - cutting the sheet metal, creating the bezels, filling with resin, etc.... I know it is disappointing after all of that to have bubbles - but they aren't noticeable! Your pendant and earrings are really beautiful and the name is so fitting.
    I'm happy for you that you have your own creative space now! You sound like me with that sewing machine...rarely use it but would like to do more with it - some day soon.

  7. Love those pieces, Melissa! Glad you're getting around to finish them up!

  8. I worked in my dining room for almost four years and yes to have your own space...well,there is nothing quite like it.Your pieces look wonderful and I especially like the bronze look with the silver solder!!Bravo!!Hugs,Cat

  9. That is a great idea because there are some music lovers who never find anything related to their love for music.Innovative idea.


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