Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miss me?

Wow, June has just been flying by! When last I posted, we were sweltering and miserable after our AC had broken down.  A couple days later, though, a brand new HVAC system was installed and we were cool again, although broke!

The day after, was B's last day of 4th grade - J went to get him and attended the flag lowering ceremony...here they are!

Then, that weekend, we headed for Ocean City for a few days!! Lots of fun, but unfortunately, mostly stormy and rainy...we finally had about a day and a half of sun.  We found things to occupy us, though!  The boys wanted to go see a movie, so we caught The Green Lantern, which was entertaining enough...luckily, Ryan Reynolds was pretty hot ;)  We went to an Arts show that I knew my friend Shelby of Sundown Bead Designs was going to be at.  It was fun chatting and admiring her gorgeous jewelry!  We also visited nearby Berlin, MD and had fun going through the antique shops there.  I found a Westmoreland "Old Quilt" milk glass S/P, which I snagged to add to my collection.  J found a gorgeous old brass dragon wall plaque that I decided he needed for his Father's Day/12th Anniversary present!

Finally, we made it to the beach and got a bit of sun!  The surf was amazing...waves were really big  and the water was cold!

B made a new friend from Ohio who body-surfed with him and played at the pool!

Back home to clean house, do laundry, buy groceries, get B ready for Summer Day Camp, and more!  The only jewelry I have had a chance to work on was for a deadline and custom orders, but I hope to remedy that some this week!

How is your summer going so far?


  1. Your family holiday looks to have been one of those beautiful times we tuck into our memories of summer. So happy. It's a pleasure to have you share it with us.

  2. Glad to see from your photos you had a great time! That's the only way, summer is too too short!

  3. Amazing how time flies! Too bad you didn't have nicer days at the beach, but I must say the weather has been really weird, overcast, rainy this summer. Isn't Berlin nice?
    Our summer has been really busy so far, but great!

  4. Here we are in O.C.! We missed each other by a week!
    That's really neat that you got to see Shelby. Reminds me of the time I got to see you at one of your shows (at church)...what a small world, eh?
    Looks like you had a lot of fun, despite the weather. I absolutely love Berlin and frequent those very same antique malls... may even head over there tomorrow!

  5. Hi Melissa, yes i missed you, have been out of the loop myself for awhile, just catching up. You were in my backyard while in OC, I am just about 45 minutes away! Looks like it was a fun getaway. I haven't been to the beach yet other than the launch and it's only 10 mils away! Must do better!


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