Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm mellllltttttiiiinnnnggg!

Just a quick post to say hi and let you know that we are in the midst of an AC meltdown, in the hottest week you can imagine in Maryland!  We have a pretty obsolete HVAC system in our house and knew that it was going to need to be replaced, especially the furnace, after numerous pilot light re-lights this past winter and a visit from a reputable source.  We were hoping to replace everything in the fall, but little did we know that the AC unit was also a goner! 

Woke up to a hot and sticky house last week, but rather than call a repairman and pay a big ticket to get it repaired, we just moved ahead on our big purchase...a brand new HVAC system!  The obvious catch is that it doesn't get installed until mid-week, next week! AArrrgggggghhh!  We have lots of fans going, and  all our windows/screened doors opened, but it doesn't help that the temps in our area have been 95-100 degrees pretty much all week!  Not very conducive to creativity, right?

Even my very cold-natured boy, B has been hot!  He is the one that we have to remind to bring a hoodie to restaurants and school so he won't freeze!  He and his dad have been going to the pool everyday after school, so that helps..luckily there is not a water ban 'cuz we have been sprayin' that hose a lot!!

This is one of our favorite things on days like this...

Disclaimer..this is not a paid advertisement for Flavor-Ice, or I would be demanding a bigger check!  We buy them by the crate at Costco all through the year...several of these actually make both my boys, ages 9 and 54, quite happy for dessert. Yay me!!!


  1. Golly~~ Hope your AC gets installed SOON!!! Meanwhile, ice pops and ice cubes and icey beverages!

  2. Hey Melisssa
    By now I'm sure your AC is fixed, and it has really cooled off anyway. I hope all is well on your end. I saw your FB comment about last-minute teachers gifts. That's why I picked up some Michele Goldstein lampwork earrings at B&B! But we were up late last night baking cookies for the teachers too. Today is the last day for 2 of the boys.

  3. My boyfriend loves freeze pops too. I can't deal with all that sugar, but give me a skinny margarita and I'm set!


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