Wednesday, April 13, 2011


my shops, finally!  After serious debate, am closing Melismatic Rosaries on Etsy. Am in the process of moving the listings into my jewelry shop and will just have 1 all-purpose presence there.  I have always integrated them on my website, but for some reason, a couple years ago thought having the separate shop would be beneficial...not so much.  It was just one more place to log in to! 

I have a few more to move, plus I want to jam pack the rest of my jewelry inventory in there.

As a follow-up to last BTW post, my nice history teacher customer LOVED his rosary!!  I delivered it earlier tonight :)

Now, on to 2 more deadlines :)


  1. Best of luck with your transition!

  2. I agree with you, time to make it easier on your self! Your rosaries are beyond beautiful Melissa!

  3. totally with you on this...I did the same thing...

  4. Your rosaries are awesome and I'm thinking one shop is so much easier to handle:-)

  5. Melissa, you are one wise and talented lady...I know your decision will be for the best. And your rosaries are truly art from the heart....your work is always so concise. Good luck with your deadlines!


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