Friday, January 14, 2011

Lack of Motivation...

or something similar has taken over my entire being lately.  I used the term "low ebb" in an email to a friend yesterday, and I think that pretty much sums it all up.

fuschia swarovski, sterling & lampwork rosary bracelet
After my last post (aack - 2 weeks ago), I succumbed to the dreaded cold/flu/crud that was going around my house... am feeling much better now, but still just don't have the old "getupandgo" !  I have just got to snap out of it...everything is becoming stagnant.  
Carribean Blue Opal Swarovski, Lampwork, Bronze & Gold-filled Rosary Bracelet
All my Holiday decorations are dismantled, but they are sitting in the basement, waiting to be organized and put away with love until next year.  Until I do that, I can't get to my torch/enamel station which is in close proximity.  My jewelry work station upstairs is totally cluttered and covered with trays and saucers of unfinished projects and miscellaneous piles of beads, wire bits and what-not. Every time I sit down to start organizing/cleaning/creating, I get a pang of guilt that something else house/family-related should be the priority.  It doesn't help that I started reading the "Sookie Stackhouse" books and can't seem to stop!

Amber, copper, glass w/enameled headpins - 1 of 3 custom necklaces for a friend
Don't worry, I know this will pass - I am feeling better even as I write!  Also helpful is the fact that Santa left us  a Wii game system this year and I have been exercising with Wii Fit a little everyday - when I can wrestle the remote out of my boys' hands :)

All-copper bangle inspired by Sharilyn Miller
How about you?  How do you keep your motivation/creative energy flowing?


  1. Melissa, you are ahead of the game. Would you believe we have not put our decorations away?? Maybe we will leave them up til next year (just kidding!). :-)
    I have suffered from a total lack of motivation as well lately. Is it the winter blues? My passion has been antiquing lately. I know -or hope- I'll get back in to the swing of it soon. Let me know if your case of the lack of "getupandgoes" gets any....... :-)

  2. I have no motivation and no inspiration right now. Blah. I have been doing some knitting and some sewing, which is fantastic, but it doesn't get any jewelry made. :)

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    LOL...I had about a month of no or low motivation with no hopes of finding my I rested and read and ate and now the old mojo is coming back strong. And the price of silver is contributing to my lackluster performance in creativity too...glad you are feeling better and I promise I won't be a lurker anymore!

  4. Not to much energy here either. Sitting here with a bad cold and antibiotics! But I can surf around lying on our couch because santa got me an IPAD:-)

  5. Oh, I hear you about the motivation!! Mine ebbs and flows all the time! I agree with Stacie--go with it! The mojo will come back, no doubt about it. I think our hearts and our bodies often realize things our minds don't--we need a rest and a break!

    Love how you wrapped the amber nuggets in that one piece. Brilliant! Makes them extra special.

  6. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Yes, I got so frustrated with hosting my own blog via wordpress that I decided to go with blogspot. It is way easier to comment new site is hooked up with google so it should be easier to navigate. My new blog is
    Blogspot is way better!

  7. I am in the same boat. Everything is ho-hum. I'm making jewelry , but it's a chore and a bother and nothing get's my juices going.
    I agree with others sayign to just 'go with it'.

  8. No worries Melissa! We all need a break after the holiday season and getting sick just doesn't help. You'll get your getupandgo soon! Just enjoy relaxing and doing other "stuff."

    I haven't done anything new either...but for a totally different reason.

  9. I'm with you - I too succumbed to the cold/flu thing that was rampant around my office and it put me in bed, paws-up for a while! And really, everyone goes through periods where they just aren't inspired. My blog has been a barren wasteland and I'm moving at the end of January so I couldn't get to my beads even if I wanted to! So like everyone else said, just go with it - us creative types can't go too terribly long without feeding the muse!

  10. just look at it like a simmering pot before ya know it you'll be bubbling over...
    Just checking in to say Hi
    I'm in the bead soup party and thought I would start at the bottom of the list and work my way up to at least say hello to everyone!

  11. ((hugs)) we all have those times. I don't have a 'tried and true' to get over them - I just know they pass - in their time.

  12. I'm totally in vacation mode and need to be in teaching statistics to stubborn college students mode. It's hard to return to the "normal" occupation for this time of the year for me...


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