Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Wishes...

of health and happiness to all you lovely folks who are kind enough to come visit me here.

I have been laying low since before Christmas, J was sick with bronchitis, and I seem to have overextended myself with some commitments, so decided to take it very easy, sleep late when I can, and just enjoy time off!  Since my last custom order was mailed out, I haven't even ventured a look at my jewelry bench!  Santa did bring me a cool new book and a new tool that I will be showing you soon, however :)

We didn't do any traveling for the holidays; have been staying close to home. Tonight we will be sharing a nice meal, have a bottle of champagne (with chambord for Kir Royales - yummy), and some apple cider for the boy for later and each other's company.  The best New Year's plan :)

Here is something to show from before I got too lazy...made this before my last show in early December, and just didn't get photos taken.  I'm very proud of it!
Flattened copper tubing, with textured copper, sterling, and brass discs riveted on.

I'll be back in 2011...see you then! 


  1. LOvE the bracelet! I'd wear this one proudly~~~Have a great 2011!

  2. And you should be proud of it! It's fantastic!

    A break it a good thing...renews your muse and you'll be fresh and excited next time you visit the bench, except for the cleaning up.

  3. Happy New Year Melissa! So glad to hear you are getting some R&R. Love the bracelet!

  4. Happy New Year, Melissa!
    I hear you about the commitments around the holidays - I think I overdid it as well and really laid low in Blogland.
    Your new metal bracelet is out of this world - I am always in awe of your work. :-)

  5. I absolutely LOVE this bracelet!!
    Happy New Year.


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