Friday, October 8, 2010

Hard Candy...

It has been 2 weeks since ArtBliss, and I still have that post-workshop, 'I'm going to perfect all my newly acquired techniques, create something no-one has ever dreamed of, and change the world with my jewelry!' sort of mindset going on...just overlook that last whiny, pity-party post!  Although, thanks to my sweet bloggy friends for the virtual hugs and kind words :)

I was downloading some photos of new creations and found the photos I finally got around to shooting of my  "Hard Candy" beads I created in Melissa Manley's fabulous class.  We cut copper discs, punched holes, domed them, enameled them, fit them together with a center disc and tube riveted them together into actual beads! 

Even though mine are pretty danged wonky (and yes, that gorgeous red one has a big, stinkin' chip in it) I am still pretty tickled with them!  Aren't they cool?  They look like miniature planets :)


  1. Melissa, I totally dig your beads! I love the ruffly punched detail that you did, and the colors are gorgeous!

    I still haven't made anything with mine. I just keep playing with them! :)

  2. I loooove them, and they very cool!

  3. teresa6:13 PM

    those are gorgeous! how did you rivet them without breaking the enamel?

  4. Of course you will...we'll change the world together! LOL! Your beads look great!

  5. They are gorgeous Melissa! Great job!


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