Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun with Copper, Part 2

Previously, on "fun with copper", Melissa unveils a new bangle bracelet.  Today's escapades have left our heroine all a flutter after free-forming a copper wire fibula...Yes, I know, I watch too much TV!

Anywho...I swirled and whirled this copper wire fibula...that's a pin to those of you who, like me until just a while ago, have never heard of the term "fibula".  Like most my creations, I set it aside to age, like fine wine, until I had the gumption to finish it.  I alternated a figure-eight sort of weave and attaching tiny copper beads so that each section was different, then embellished the swirls with some cool copper pleated beads I just got from Monsterslayer.  Oxidizing and tumbling for shine finished it!


  1. Oh my, long did this one take to make??! It is just incredible with all of that fantastic wire wrappping. And I love the rustic is gorgeous!

  2. OMG, Melissa! You're amazing! Just when I think I "know" you, you go off and do another over-the-top something!

  3. Lovely...and the bangle is great too. Fabulous work on both pieces!

  4. Simply lovely. I adore copper and really have wanted to make pins. Yours in inspirational. Thanks.

  5. I love your brooch and all your glorious copper designs!


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