Monday, June 7, 2010

Down in my back...

That's what my Daddy used to say when he worked too hard at one of his jobs he supported us all with.  Well, I am down in my back too, though, I wasn't working particularly hard.  I slipped and fell on my backside in the kitchen on Friday night and had a rough weekend.  It is hard to sit still in one place for long, so my jewelry making and blogging have suffered.  It is start to feel better, though, so hopefully I can get some things finished soon.  I am almost done with an entry to the ABS June Challenge, and would like to finish up my Bead Soup project in time for my party on the 23rd.

Stay tuned :)   Oh, by the way, don't forget about my clearance sale in my Etsy shop and my website...Lots of items have been marked down, and everything on my website ships free for the month of June!  Wait, there's more!  Order's over $100 automatically qualify for an additional 10% discount!  Why?  Because I love you, that's why :)


  1. ow! feel better soon - rest up!

  2. oh no! feel better soon.

  3. Hi Melissa
    I'm so sorry to hear about your fall...I do hope you're feeling better soon. And in the meantime, I think some pampering is in order!

  4. Hi I was looking thru blog s and saw yours..your works lovely! I think Ill add you! Come on over and visit me!

    I see you fell I hope your better and better I fell a few years ago and it was unreal I couldnt walk for weeks!

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall! I fell this winter and now grasp the rail every single time...back pain is horrible! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Major ouch! I hope you are getting better and are completely recovered soon.


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