Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Obsession :)

Saturday was a very fun day!  I participated in Barbara Lewis' "Painting with Fire" workshop hosted by  Cindy Wimmer and Jeanette Blix .  Wow, what a day!  Barbara was a great teacher...very generous.  Her hubby, Jim was right by her side, helping with everything...what a team:) Cindy and Jeanette were the best hosts...not only did they plan and coordinate the whole event, but there was a yummy coffee cake, cute little bags of Hershey's kisses at each station, and a great lunch spread.  Jeanette brought a bunch of goodies from her shop fundametals.net ...I snagged some cool copper blanks and some more copper washers.  I also got a couple colors of enamel and some other beads from Barbara to give this a shot at home...just have to go get a bigger torch :)

It was very cool to meet several artists whose blogs I read...not only Cindy and Jeanette, but there was Lori  from Pretty Things, Sue from SueBeads, and a bunch of other really nice folks!  I think everyone else fell in love with enameling as much as I did.

I will update with photos of my beads that I made as soon as I can...in the meantime, go look at Cindy's blog post and you will even see a photo of yours truly...a little disheveled and open-mouthed as I am concentrating on that bead!

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  1. Hey Melissa...it was SO great to meet you in person. We need to get together again because we don't live too far from one another. Yes, the class was a blast! And I thought that was a great action shot of you.... I can't wait to do a Round II! :-)


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