Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, the fam and I were out today in Rockville doing our taxes...we go there because we used to live in Rockville and it's fun to go back and shop/eat at places we don't have in Frederick (and spy on our old house).

Visited several of our old haunts, had a nice early dinner at La Madeleine (yummy!) and happened by one of our all time favorite stores, which unfortunately is going out of business, The English Trading Company.  Too bad...they always had lots of pretty cards, paper, china, eclectic what-nots and such.  But, as the saying goes, "their loss is my gain"...lookie what I got :)

Well, don't look at my filthy floor and closet door, but I got these 3 fixtures for $26!  The 2 top ones are so versatile I just can't stand it :)  Yay me!  These will be gracing the table at my next show!

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