Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flowers, and stars, and bears...

...oh, my!

Sorry :) 

Here are a few more simple, but pretty pieces I made before Christmas that are just now seeing the light of day!

Czech glass dagger beads, all woven together into pretty flowers.

Thai Hill Tribe silver stars embellished with faceted carnelian.

Cute dalmatian jasper zuni bears, embellished with Swarovski and gold-filled wire.

Balinese silver drops with Swarovski.


  1. Melissa
    You have been on a wonderful creative streak!! Your new pieces are beautiful...I absolutely love the simplicity and wirework in the Bullseye piece you showed the other day. Is it heading for your shop?
    I love the new earrings...the first pair with the flower design is my favorite...any chance you can point me in the direction of a tutorial - I would love to learn how to make on like this. I've seen a similar design in a handcrafted shop here in the Reston Town Center. Hey..YOU oughtta teach! :-)

  2. Lovely work, I especially love the lavender flower earrings. Your rosaries are gorgeous, you must be so proud of them!


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