Friday, January 15, 2010


Continuing from my last post, one of my goals for 2010 is to take my jewelry art to a new level. I have jumped in with both feet!

I mentioned signing up for Bead Soup Party. Particpants have been paired up to "swap" a focal, a few coordinating spacers or beads, and a special clasp with another jewelry artist. Each person then creates something with those items, then posts a photo of their creation on their blog on February 10th. Then the "party" begins as we go from blog to blog to see what was made. I am paired with lampwork artist and jewelry designer Cassie fun! I can't wait to see what she sends. I have my little bag of treasures all ready to ship to her, although I am feeling a tad intimidated, since I don't make my own beads.

I am also very excited to have signed up for my 1st actual jewelry class ever! Other than a lampwork workshop I took several years ago, and instructional books, magazines and online tutorials, I am pretty much self-taught. On March 6, I am going to take Barbara Lewis' Painting with Fire workshop, where I will be learning to enamel beads and pendants! You've probably seen Barbara's work in several jewelry publications, such as Belle Armoire Jewelry, or read her blog Jewelry of Distinction. An added bonus is that I will be able to meet in person some new bloggy friends! Yay!

Torch-fired enamel pendant by Barbara Lewis

If this all wasn't enough to get me going, I ordered and received some new fun lampwork beads, a couple of new books, and some other fun (and a bit daunting!) materials to try some new for blog posts and photos!

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  1. Can't wait to meet you at the workshop! :-)


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