Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween through the years - a parade of costumes

I was looking back through family photos yesterday and found Ben's costume from last year, which made me nostalgic and so I searched through the archives to find as many as I could. I got back as far as 2004, when he was 3. That was his first Halloween/trick-or-treating experience.


They each hold a special memory...

  • The little leopard was so cute, he was shy that year!

  • The clown costume is the only one I was crafty enough to make...we found that hat on sale (I have one just like it) and I built the costume around it.

  • Dash Incredible was his 1st superhero costume and he wore it around the house until it got to small!

  • The yellow and blue Wolverine was a surprise...he chose it because it had long plastic claws!

  • Darth Vadar was another unexpected choice...again, I think he chose it for the cool light saber! We went to an office party that year and he won a prize.

  • This year - guess who he chose...that's right, Iron Man! I'll document the costume tonight and add it to the archives.

Happy Halloween to all! Have fun, but please remember to be safe!

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  1. Love the costumes! He seems to like being a superhero!


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