Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving Pumpkins...

Ben and I carved our 2 pumpkins last night. It was really hard to turn him loose with a fairly sharp knife, but I was able to do it this, before I get a bunch of comments, I didn't really turn him loose with a sharp knife, I was right there by him, cheering him on, reminding him to keep the fingers on his other hand out of the way, etc :)


He did a great job...he decided how he wanted it and drew it on paper, then I drew it on the pumpkin and he cut.

Can you tell which one I designed? I always like to give mine eyeliner and a few tattoos!


I love these fun templates from Picnik!

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  1. They look GREAT MElissa!!!!! We still have't carved ours - I keep forgetting. Guess we'll do it tomorrow morning!


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