Monday, March 2, 2009

Some new work from the weekend...

My new self-imposed rule with jewelry making is that I am not allowed to start any new project until all my previously-started ones are complete. Harder than it seems :)  I did quite a bit of catching up over the weekend, though!

Here are 2 new pocket rosaries...both in bronze.  The 1st is rhyolite with a lovely peach moonstone oval.


The next one is comprised of a cool stone I found called "amulet" agate with lots of pretty blues, which really complement the sky blue topaz nugget I used for the Pater.


Next are 3 new pairs of earrings...

Coiled sterling wire, a Thai Hill Tribe silver "croissant" bead, faceted amethyst marquis briolettes, embellished with tiny faceted yellow tourmalines, more Hill Tribe silver, and lots more coiled sterling wire.


These are hammered and stamped sterling ovals, embellished with faceted pale blue chalcedony beads.


Faceted black onyx has been herringbone-wrapped in sterling and embellished with carved mother of pearl flowers and tiny faceted labradorite.


Last, but not least, lapis coins have been wrapped in herringbone style with gold-filled wire, them embellished with gold vermeil daisy spacers and faceted peridot.  I redid these several times before I was happy with them.


Whew, I'm tired!


  1. Wow...everything is lovely as always. Your work is impeccable! Each wire in the right place, at the perfect angle. My favorite is the Lapis coin earrings. Never seen anything like that before. And if I ever want to give anyone a rosary, I will only buy from you :-). Yours are the best I have seen.

  2. the rosaries are beautiful, and very nice wirewrapping!

  3. You already know I love the earrings!! But the rest are fabulous as well.
    I tagged you my friend - see details here:

  4. These are beautiful...I love the Rosaries. Let me know if you figure out how to not start something new until something old is finished...I haven't quite learned that yet. :-)

  5. Shelly6:51 PM

    Oh, yum! These are all so pretty. I wish I could wire wrap like that!


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