Friday, August 15, 2008

Sea Swans and Fun with Disks and Stamps...

I finally created some work space for myself in our basement and although it is a bit dark and dank, and smells like the cat box,  I really like it!  It has enabled me to pull out some tools and equipment that I haven't been able to utilize while working on my kitchen counter.  Here is one of my 1st attempts (that I am willing to show publicly) of stamping and dapping sterling sheet.

It took me quite a number of tries to get the stamped swirl impressions deep enough and they are still not quite right.  Then, when I used my small punch to make the little dots, those went too deep!  I cheated, I bought pre-cut disks to play with and these are a bit thin, so I'll know what to expect next time.

The herringbone-wrapped faceted serpentines were left over from another project, as were the earwires, so rather than just tossing these into the cool experiment pile, I went ahead and finished them...The up-side...I get a new pair of earrings!  I'm wearing them as we speak.   

Another first, I actually used my tumbler and they came out so super shiny!  Yay me...I am definitely going to be working on some more of these. 

This pair is more adventures with coiling fine-gauged wire over a heavier wire base.

I called them "sea swans" because of the colors of the gemstones and the shape was based on the ever-popular "swan" clasp!  I like them...but alas, can not keep them.  They are for sale!

Hope you all have fabulous weekends...I will be back later today to blog about "Back to School" for my EtsyBlogger group.  The fun never ends :)


  1. Tammy5:21 PM

    AWESOME! I love both pair, and there's no way I would put those in the experiment pile!
    I love my new workspace, and I'm so glad you have one, too. It really does help me concentrate on my work.
    I also love my tumbler and I use it on almost every piece I make! I couldn't do without it.

  2. David3:47 PM

    Those are great i still have not to try any silver hope to soon do you mind if i add you on my blog links


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