Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Springtime in Frederick...

Finally, green buds are on the tips of grayish, brown trees, daffodils are open, Bradford pear trees are white with blooms and red-breasted robins are everywhere! Yay...I love Spring!

Over the weekend, our local BoyScout Pack delivered 30 (gulp) bags of mulch to our doorstep.  I'm not even sure if that is going to be enough! I have a huge amount of work ahead of me...I have so many beds around the yard and house that need work. 

  • the bed that borders our front porch - full sun;

  • 2 utility berms in the front yard - also full sun;

  • an almost fully shaded side of the house, where my hostas grow (I also just planted ferns and astilbe);

  • the full sun, really dry side of my house where all my russian sage is growing;

  • the back of the house - partially shaded...a couple of climbing hydrangeas and some herbs, more shrubs, and my heirloom iris (from my Mama's house in 'Bama);

  • the back yard - a big, boring square that gets full sun and barely has anything growing except a few small trees and 1 corner which contains the beginnings of a butterfly garden.

I hope to post some before and after photos of these small gardens, as I really want to work on them a lot this summer...errr, when I'm not working on jewelry designs.  Ummm, and spending time with the family.  Oh, and cleaning the house.  Okay, yeah, cooking, doing laundry.  Right, working at my fabulous day job. Then...that's when I'll garden!

I do have some grand ideas for this silly big open back yard, other than just letting my 6 yo son (henceforth, known as "the boy") run wild.  I want to plant a small vegetable garden.  My husband (henceforth, known as "the man") would like to build a gazebo and patio, right outside the basement door which sounds fab.  I can see it now... beautiful, fragrant flowering vines draped over the pergola he decided to throw in, balmy summer evenings sitting on the tile patio, fire in the pottery oven, little white lights woven in with the vines, soft music playing, glass of some 'adult' beverage...we all know this is never going to get built, right?

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  1. You know, someone once gave me a tip for burns that I thought sounded just crazy. They said put peanut butter on it as quick as you can and that it would draw out most of the heat. Well, I gave a polite 'uh huh' and moved on. Some time later I was frying in my cast iron skillet, foolishly bare-footed, when suddenly the grease popped and several drops of grease landed on that oh-so-tender top of the foot. Suddenly, peanut butter came to mind ... yup, I grabbed it out of the cabinet and slathered it on the top of my foot. Guess what? The pain disappeared within a couple of minutes, totally gone! Not only that but I never even got a blister. Maybe there was something to that after all?


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