Thursday, July 31, 2014

July AJE Component of the Month - Fused Glass Fantasy!

This month, the design team over at AJE was honored to work with gorgeous fused glass pieces by the multi-talented Francesca Watson.

She asked if we wanted cabochons or drilled pieces and I chose the red piece on the bottom right and left it undrilled since I thought this was a perfect opportunity to practice my bezel-setting skills!  And I was right!

I chose some scalloped bezel wire to use and originally was going to use a copper backing to create a pendant, but the more the copper laid on the work bench, the more I longed to jump in and use the sterling sheet I had stashed away.  I told myself I wasn't going to use it until I felt more proficient...sterling is expensive, y'all!  But, I jumped in with both feet!

I went with an organic shape, but when I put the cab in, I wasn't sure which side was going to be the top, or how I would attach a bail.  I punched one hole where I thought I might try to hang it, and didn't like it, so I punched holes in each of the scallops, then punched a few more, and then a few more! I also wanted to pierce the back so that the red glass would show through in a design...believe me, this was not the design I wanted!  It was going to be a pretty spiral, but after I got part of it sawed out, I realized how flimsy it was so I sawed it into a big hole, then tried to mimic the outer shape with the waves and holes.  After a trying soldering session (couldn't get it to flow) I finally got my act together, decided to use my bigger torch and finished it up.

I like it and am so happy I persevered and went with the sterling instead of the copper!  Here is the back...

Now, I need to get the rest of the design going!  I think I am either going to do a sterling viking knit or a handmade chain of some sort...what do you think?

Thanks, Francesca, for the gorgeous glass cabs, and for the design challenge!  Go see what the rest of our team created!

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  1. Beautiful cab! I think you bezel is perfection - love how the "hole" in the back mimics the design in front. I agree - silver is the perfect metal in this case - fantastic job!

  2. I love what you did with the silver and this cab. The design is perfect with all the holes and the different shape. I think silver absolutely was the perfect choice.

  3. Fabulous Melissa! So glad you jumped in with the silver, this is a real treat for the eyes! Awesome bezel! You're making me want to jump in too...Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  4. Hi Melissa, fabulous job of bezeling. Kudos to you for going for it and using the sterling. You made a beautiful pendant and I agree that a simple chain of some kind is the right way to let this beautiful pieces shine.

  5. Love the bezel - just gorgeous. I am very interested in seeing the finished piece. I like the idea of a viking knit but whatever direction you go I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  6. Wow....hands up to you for staying with it! Working with metal is not my thing. But would love to see the finished product! Excellent job!

  7. Sterling. Stunner. Sorry the back design was a challenge, but I love your solution. Wear this to BF, ok? :P

  8. I love it! I can see this on a chunky sterling wrapped chain with a patina to match your stunning pendant! I love how you've allowed a peep at the rich red through the back too!

  9. What a stunner! That red cab is so striking, and you truly did it justice with your design! Beautiful!

  10. Holy crap, Melissa - this is gorgeous! I am genuinely in love with this pendant, and while I'm sorry it was such a challenge, I have to say I think it was totally worth it. Those holes around the edges are so whimsical - I cannot wait to see how you finish this!

  11. You never cease to amaze me!! This is so beautiful. While I liked the idea of the copper, I'm so glad you went with the silver, It's stunning! Way to go!!

  12. Just beautiful! Be sure to show us how you finish off the necklace.

  13. I love love love your metalwork!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Your bezels rock! I love it with the glass.

  15. Totally awesome! Sterling was the way to go. I love all the holes, it's really fantastic! can't wait to see it finished!


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