Monday, December 2, 2013

AJE November Component of the Month ~ Beaded Beads by Kristen Stevens...La Bella Luna

I feel like such a slug...I haven't been blogging very much at all, except for special challenge posts.  Oh, well...there are only so many hours in the day!!

This past Friday morning, after Thanksgiving, I woke up early, but all couch potato-ey and found my boy up already, on the couch watching tv and playing his video game.  After snuggling with him a while, I plied the remote from his hand and did some channel surfing of my own.  I eventually ran across one of my all-time favorite movies, Moonstruck.  Everything an opera-trained girl could love...Pucinni's La Boheme as part of the story (my most favorite opera of all time!), Italian food, a love story with the under-dog getting the girl, Cher, Nic Cage before he went all weird, Olympia Dukakis, and some of the best movie lines ever!

"La bella luna!"
"Let me ask you a question...why do men chase women?"
"Snap out of it"
"Aw, Ma, I love him awful!"
"It's Johnny Cammereri!"

Oh, and Dean Martin sings "That's Amore" for both the opening and closing credits"

This movie colored my whole holiday weekend after...I went through the days singing "when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore" alternating with lines from La Boheme's doomed Mimi singing "Donde lieta usci al tuo grido d'amore".  So, when I finally sat down to work on my Component of the Month piece, featuring Kristen Stevens' gorgeous beaded beads, I kept seeing that gorgeous moon in my head!

The color of the beads I chose were a challenge for me, as I don't usually work with that pretty, creamy winter white. Another challenge is the fact that most of my work is metal and beads that I can patina with liver of sulfer, etc, then toss into the tumbler for a while.  Using components that patina and water might damage takes a lot of forethought!

I made sure to patina everything before assembling them together...Kristen's gorgeous beads, lampwork beads from my stash (sorry, I'm not sure who made them...have had them quite a while!), indigo blue Czech glass flowers that bring out some of the lovely frit color in the lampwork and some hand-wrought copper caps...bigger on the 'moons' and smaller, fluted ones to embellish the flowers.  The lampwork reminded my of a black, starry night, with lights in the city reflecting colors into the sky, and of course, the creamy beaded beads are my 'bella luna' or beautiful moon.

If you have never seen this '80's classic movie, watch it!  If you are a romantic at heart, you won't be disappointed.

Now, go see what the other AJE team members and guests created with their beaded beads!

Special Guest
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  1. They are amazing!!!!!!! I love them! And yes I love Moonstruck too!

  2. They are gorgeous Melissa! I 'm a slug too so don't feel bad. I can't possibly keep up anymore with anything!

  3. Wonderful Melissa! I love how the frit colors in the lampwork pick up that creamy sand color in the beaded beads.

  4. I love these - they're a study in wonderful contrasts, in color palette and materials. And now, "That's Amore" is stuck in my head, too!

  5. They're gorgeous, each of the components compliments the other perfectly!

    I'm going to hunt out Moonstruck, I've never seen it, I feel like I'm missing out!

  6. Gorgeous earrings! I love the soft colors of the beaded beads against the darker lampwork beads. I enjoyed reading about you inspiration as well.

  7. Very pretty and chic...excellent job with the colors!

  8. I love your earrings, especially the bead caps embellishing the flowers. And I just watched "Moonstruck" yesterday while putting up my holiday decorations! It's always good.

  9. Melissa - I love them - and what great inspiration. The light tone works well with the multi color of the lampwork - then tapering down to the darker flower. And a good movie. Cher before all the plastic surgery and young Nick Cage...


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