Monday, February 11, 2013

Focus on Life, Week 6 - Feel the Love

This is Samis (white with yellow) and Zelda (gray brindle)...Ben's 2 guinea pigs.  We got them in August, around his birthday.  They are great friends.  They are always snuggled up close in their cage...they love getting underneath the fleecy blanket  and hanging in a little curled-up heap.  Of course, when I went to take the photo, they separated  and played all stand-off'ish.

We named them after 2 of Ben's favorite female video heroines...Samis is a warrior soldier in the Metroid series, and Zelda is the goddess/princess in the Legend of Zelda series.

Wait, what?  Uh, seems Zelda needs a new name...maybe Mr. Zelda!  Turns out little Samis is going to be a mommy.  Didn't see that one coming.  I mean, really, we didn't see it.  They were sold as 2 females and I double checked.  Even after I realized that Samis was with piglet.  Mr. Zelda is one sneaky pig!


  1. Oh no little piglets....they are so cute...can't wait to see the babies....xox

  2. They are a sweet and loving couple!!

  3. Those sneaky guineas were definitely feeling the love! HAHAHA! They do make an adorable couple. How many piglets do they usually have?

  4. They are truly adorable! Congratulations on the new baby piglet coming!


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