Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Fever Ramblings

Having a 9-5 job when Spring decides to flirt with your senses is totally unfair!  Granted, it has been  a very mild winter here in Maryland, I am so ready for warmer weather, green grass, and flowers!  The spring-like temps yesterday and today have me unfocused on my admin work and chomping at the bit to go and dig in some dirt!

Unfortunately, I have suffered with an off and on headache over the last 3-4 days...just when I think it is gone, it's knuckles tap me on the side of the head again..."I'm baacckkk"!

My day on Earrings Everyday....Confetti!

Here are a couple more pairs of earrings I created a while back featuring my new love of  bezel cups...

Handwrought copper  disks with faceted blue chalcedony; lampwork by SueBeads

Sterling disks with tiny turquoise cabs;  Picasso finish Czech glass drops

Have been working on some custom orders...including a silent auction piece for one of my co-worker's Breast Cancer fundraiser and a special gift for my son's Scout leader...she has been his den leader all the way through Cubs, and will continue into Boy Scouts.  Hope to have photos of these to show soon!

Speaking of Scouts, B crosses the bridge on Saturday!  Will take lots of photos!

Oh, I almost forgot...I am still going to have a giveaway based on my Bead Soup leftovers...will get a post up soon, I promise!

Hope you are all enjoying the spring-like weather and aren't stuck inside at your desk!


  1. Stuck at a desk job myself, I really feel for you! Sigh..groan...
    Your bezel cups are terrific!!

  2. Beautiful stuff here! I just love the bezel cup earrings.

    I've been suffering from headaches too, for the past four days due to barometer changes. It's a love/hate relationship with spring and summer because of this.

    Hopefully you can get outside this weekend.

  3. hope you feel bettwr soon. Headache is so not funny. And it smells a lot like apring here too. Love that! And your pieces are allnso lovely!

  4. Being inside when the weather starts to turn is so hard! I find that it helps to fantasize about what I'll do when I get home--and it usually involves jewelry :)

  5. OMG< I missed this! I love those bezel cups WOW! Gonna pin the one with my beads on my Gorgeous Creatings using SueBeads pin board!


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