Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm suffering from PBS!

No, I am not addicted to public television!  P.B.S....Post. Bliss. Syndrome. ArtBliss, that is! 

Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
  • complete lack of motivation to accomplish anything unless it involves metal, fire, a hammer, ferric chloride, solder and wire...
  • daily thoughts of "calling-in sick" just so you can try that elusive technique just one more time...
  • dizzy, headachy stupor from breathing too much flux smoke...
  • black, grimy residue underneath fingernails...
  • financial difficulty can arise suddenly, due to a seemingly "life or death" need for new tools, stone cabochons of all sizes, sheet metal, hammers
  • hearing voices...usually these are just your family members begging you to make them dinner or wash their clothes
There is no known cure for PBS, but there is hope...those who suffer with this rampant, fictitious condition can find solace and comfort by blogging about their experiences, throwing themselves into new activities like an impending show they are not ready for, and daydreaming of future ArtBliss workshops and learning more new, fun stuff.

Carol and Robbie look on as Deryn starts our "Wax On" class

Sandi, Sally, Carol and Deryn

Me, experimenting with texture!

almost finished!

The Man - Richard Salley!

My "Lasting Impressions" pieces
 I had such a wonderful is always so fun to see and hang out with online friends in person, and make new friends!  Thanks to Cindy and Jeanette for organizing and hosting another successful, fabulous workshop!  Every aspect was a blast, even having to evacuate the building when the smoke alarm went off!

Cindy has lots more photos on her blog...go check them out!


  1. PBS!
    I think I have residual PBS from March!
    Looks like I missed a good one. Encaustics with Deryn! Anything with Salley! *Sigh*
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh I've got a bad case of PBS myself! The little brown truck is beating a path to my door and just today my husband said "more hammers? you needed more hammers?" So glad I'm not the only one suffering this malady! Miss you already!

  3. Melissa, I like it! PBS! We're all suffering from it. You are one clever lady - I love your sense of humor... and I had to laugh at the line about hearing voices. I definitely hear voices in my house too - and they're not very patient! You are quite the writer. :-)
    Knowing you, you're going to master these techniques in no time and really develop them in to your own signature style. I'm glad you had so much fun - to include the fire alarm disruption. Can't wait to do it again. :-)

  4. It was such a high energy weekend! I know exactly what you mean!!! Since then I've etched, patina-ed, enameled, folded, hammered, cut...all with that pesky day job taking up too much of my time! haaaaaaaaaa

  5. Well, you'll want to call in sick again when you receive your new Beaducation DVD! Just send me your address and I'll make sure the Beaducation gals send it to you.

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I've got a bad case of PBS! It was so fantastic I can't wait to do it again!

  7. Your a hoot! I wish I was suffering! Your pieces are wonderful! I especially like the light blue triangle pendant.

  8. Fantastic pieces Melissa...I am green with envy, but sooo happy that you got to do this! Way to go, and keep on going!


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