Monday, February 28, 2011

Rush of Love to the Head and Heart...

Wow, I am humbled by the bead soup love I have been shown so far!  Such touching, sweet, kind comments on my is a total rush of love to my heart!  I am still reading and checking out the wonderful work out there from this fun endeavor!  If you haven't done so yet, come by and leave a comment so you can be entered to win my bead soup bracelet!

Today, thought, I want to show you a couple of things I have been tinkering on while I was sick...both cold-connected by rivets.  I love riveting for some reason.  They start out so "iffy"...I never think they could possibly hold, but I perservere, and all of a sudden, they are tight and set, and so very cool!

First, a pair of copper earrings with some filigree elements riveted on...the copper has been hammered and stamped.  Finished with handmade sterling earwires and more copper...

Then, in an effort to play with the riveted rings in the Feb/Mar 2011 Step by Step Wire Jewelry by Kate Richbourg, I made this...

conveniently sized to fit my finger :) I wasn't happy with it at first...It was originally flat on the ring base, but I played with it and curved it a bit with the rubber mallet to follow the curve of the finger.  I will definitely be making some more of these!

Happy Monday....oh, by the way...thank you to all my followers!  I just found out that I have passed the "100 follower" mark! I appreciate you all and hope to live up to your loyalty :)


  1. I love these Melissa! great pieces and the rivets are awesome!

  2. Wow so pretty. I need to get over my fear of riveting!

  3. Wonderful Melissa! I really need to do more the look!

  4. Melissa, these are beautiful..yeahh you!!

  5. Very Cool! I love rivets too!!! And your ring is darling~~


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