Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts, Flowers, Chocolates...A Day Later :)

My Daddy would say, "a day late and a dollar short"!  I meant to say "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" to all of my lovely friends who stop by to see me here, yesterday, but it just wasn't in the cards.  I hope you all experienced a day filled with love...and chocolate!

I went out at lunch and found my honey a gorgeous orchid - he loves them and used to be pretty good at growing them, but he hasn't had any for awhile.  I fell in love with the gorgeous color of this one and decided he just had to have it!

He got me this very sweet little wire dress-shaped display! I can't wait to use it on a show table - I love it!

The pendant is from my other sweet boy, who saw it weeks ago and told his Dad that he had to get that for me. He was so excited to see me open it! I gave him a handmade certificate good for 5 iTunes downloads, along with copious amounts of candy

I have been doing some cleaning/organizing in my work space, which also contains a bunch of stuff that I just don't know where to put. In emptying some boxes, I came across some things that I brought back from my parent's house, after my sibs and I cleaned it out when my Mom died over 10 years ago.  I found this little box...

I don't know what year these were purchased, probably mid 70's, but look at the price!  12 Valentine's for $1.25!  I always loved Holly Hobbie :)  Here's what I found when I opened it up...

Weird little collection, huh?!  I picked all this stuff up off my Dad's dresser and stashed it away in this little box!  Prince Albert rolling papers - he used to roll his own cigarettes with Prince Albert tobacco that came in cute little cans...wish I had some of the countless ones he threw away over the years!  There was also an old broken pocket knife that he couldn't part with, an old whet rock, and a lead weight that I guess he picked up and was keeping for fishing, maybe?  He was a bit of a hoarder like me, and couldn't throw it away.

I can't wait to go through a few more boxes to see what I come up with!


  1. Happt Valentines Day to you too! I never made it here yesterday either.
    Love the collection!

  2. Melissa, sounds like a fun day was had by all. :-) The pendant your son picked out for you is beautiful - ah, just love gifts like that! :-)
    And you're bringing back memories with Hollie Hobbie! I had a green Hollie Hobbie bedspread back in the day and I remember it well. :-)

  3. Melissa - the display is adorable!

  4. Hi Melissa, Happy belated valentines day to you too! I was having trouble visiting your blog for awhile, needed windows updates, did this morning and have been catching up on reading. I have to tell you how much i enjoyed the memories spoof! I laughed so hard and then shared it with my Mom who did too. Great medicine! Th fish isn't helping me either!

  5. i have that exact same dress shaped wire display and i love it!


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