Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Snow Day!

So, we in the DC subs are in the middle of a winter storm ...B's school was closed today,  and it probably will be tomorrow as well.  I decided to work from home, which basically means taking a vacation day, but checking email and being available for anything that comes up that I can handle over my work laptop and a remote server.

The early snow was the perfect snowball/snowman snow.  We built this guy in record time!  Not sure what B was going to use his pool toy for?  That's my cool chenille hat on the snowman's head...I forgot the scarf.  Rocks for eyes, half-used carrot for a nose and for a mouth...holly berries!  Those things wouldn't stay in...I kept having to add fresh snow around them!

He is a bit leafy and dirty, as there wasn't much in the back yard when we built him, but it is really coming down now...

A few hours later, he was playing on the back porch...

Wow, I love this face!

Look at that face...wish I still had that outlook on a "snowed-in" day!  Instead of worrying about what is not getting done, all he is thinking about is the "here and now moment". 


  1. Thanks for reminding me how happy I was back int the day s when it was snowing!

  2. YAY snow!! FUN huh? It is REALLY coming down ! Looks like you guy had fun. :)

  3. Darling boy! How fun to share a bit in your snow day enjoyment~

  4. How exciting! have enough snow for a day off of school! Have fun!

  5. Aw! Your little guy is adorable!! Enjoy the fun and the kid-in-the-moment!
    (the snowman is fantastic!)

  6. I think its just at work that I can't respond. I'll have to remember to check in from home. :)

  7. These pics say it all Melissa, happiness, and joy, and unihibited fun! Stay warm!

  8. Great pictures of your son, Melissa! We have not built a snowman yet, but the kids enjoyed Day 2 of sledding! Can you believe, 3 days in a row off from school!!

  9. Hey Melissa, we have a few of those white fellows in our backyard too and the kids are having a blast!

  10. Hey girl! Thanks for visiting/liking/following me! I'm keeping tabs on you now, too ;-}
    B is beautiful! Hard to believe so much time has passed... xo


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